Another Car Flipping Story

In this episode of the 3 Hour Car Flip Podcast I’ll be going step by step through another actual car flip that I’ve done and explaining some of the challenges that I ran into along the way. I’ve heard from many of you that these stories are very helpful and inspire you to go out and flip your own cars so I really hope you enjoy this episode!

And as always I’ll be answering questions from listeners just like you like “Should I pay over KBB value for a car that’s been pimped out?” and “I have a check engine light on my car. How do I find out what those codes are?”

If you’ve flipped a car recently I’d love to hear about it! Send me a picture with a quick description of your flip because I love hearing your success stories. And would you like to have a question answered on the podcast? Just send an email to jeremy@ and I’ll try to answer your question on the show!

Here a the links to the code readers that I mentioned in this podcast:

Full Feature Code Reader

ELM 327 Adapter for smartphone app

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