Hi, I’m Jeremy!

I can still remember the excitement I felt when, at the age of 15, I went with my stepfather to my first auto auction. I was intoxicated by the action between the auctioneer and bidders and when I saw my stepfather purchase a 4×4 for a fraction of what it was worth, I instantly became hooked.

I’ve been car flipping ever since.

Car flipping is in my blood and now the only thing that gets me as excited as finding a deal is showing other people how to do the same. That’s why I started 3HourFlip.com. Flipping cars has been extremely fun and profitable for me, and I’ll show you how I’ve done it so you don’t make many of the same mistakes that I did.

Why is the site named 3 Hour Car Flip?

My goal when buying and selling cars has always been to invest only 3 hours for the entire flip process, on every car that I flip. I try to only spend one hour finding and buying the car, one hour getting it prepared for sale, and one hour marketing and selling it.

The most money I’ve ever made in a three hour period of my life was on a car flip. I bought the car, cleaned the car, listed the car and sold the car and only invested 3 hours. Not every deal works out that way — as a matter of fact MOST of them don’t — but 3 hours is a good benchmark that I’ve used to make sure I’ve maximized my time when buying and selling cars and I recommend that others use that as a benchmark too. That is what inspired me to start this blog and share my experiences.

What can you expect from the 3 Hour Flip?

  • Free, practical, and effective information on how to buy and sell cars.
  • Free flip tips based on real experience, not theory.
  • No BS – straight up information that cuts through the crap and gets you out there making money.

Where Should You Start?

Check out the 3 Hour Car Flip Podcast where I talk about car flipping and answer questions from listeners like you! CLICK HERE to check out the first episode.

And of course I always recommend that brand new car flippers check out the TOP 3 WAYS TO GET DEALS TO COME TO YOU digital guide. Enter your email below and I’ll send you a free copy. Thanks and happy flipping!