Look For Ugly But Cheap Cars


When you’re out there trying to find a car that you can flip, keep an eye out for cars that are ugly but cheap. Sometimes those types of cars have the highest potential for profit. Cars that really need a bath are typically going to stay under the radar a little longer than those that have been prepared well for sale.

Let’s be clear, I’m not talking about cars that have awful paint jobs or tons of body damage. I’m talking about cars that are mechanically sound and just need some TLC to make it pretty again.

Here’s an example of a car that I flipped that was REALLY ugly but SUPER cheap.

Ugly But Cheap Flip

This car was caked with dirt and sap when I bought it, and had a few other cosmetic issues that deterred other buyers which helped me buy the car at the excellent low price of just a few hundred dollars.

After fixing it up and preparing the car for sale I sold it for a couple thousand dollars. I’ll be telling the full story behind this flip in the third episode of the 3 Hour Car Flip Podcast so make sure you subscribe to that podcast in Itunes or the Google Play store!