Snowballing Your Profits


In the 3 Hour Car Flip Guide (coming soon) I talk about how to snowball your profits into more and more profits. Snowballing is the best way to gain momentum while buying and selling vehicles, especially if you aren’t starting with a lot of operating capital.

I began with $850. I used that $850 to buy a car that I sold for $1300. I then used $1300 to buy the next one and so on. Once you reach a point where you can buy and sell enough cars to recapture your investment, all of the profits from the sales go directly into your pocket.

If you already have a large amount of cash to start with, that’s even better because you will be much more likely to buy vehicles with higher profit margins and you can begin living on those profits immediately. The more cars you sell, the more profit you will be able to bring in from your vehicles