Consider Trading Up


Trading cars for other items of greater value is a fun way to barter your way into profits. A seventeen year old boy named Steve even used Craigslist for a series of trades to swap out a cell phone for a Porsche (article HERE).

There are many ways to use trading and bartering to increase the size of your bank account. For example, if you have an SUV it’s likely that someone with a small car is out there looking for a larger vehicle and they may be willing to trade it for your SUV, even if their vehicle is worth more money than the SUV.

Many people are willing to trade items like four wheelers and motorcycles for vehicles at much lower values and vice versa.

If you continually up-trade, it’s easy to see how quickly money can be made. If a $500 vehicle is traded for a $1000 motorcycle which is again traded for a $2000 boat which is traded for a $3000 four wheeler, you have reached 6 times your initial investment in only 3 trades, and only one of those trades counted towards your yearly buying car limit.