Learn to Love Dead Batteries


I love dead batteries. Not on my car of course, but on the ones that I’m potentially buying. If you are looking at a vehicle that has a dead battery it’s likely because the vehicle has been sitting for a few weeks. This can work to your advantage as a buyer in a few ways.

First a car that has been sitting for a while has probably been for sale for a while. If a vehicle has been for sale for a while it can be much easier to purchase well below value. A simple lower-than-value cash offer can be a blessing to the seller’s ear. They’re probably going to thank you just for getting the car out of their yard. Just make sure that the vehicle hasn’t been sitting for more than a month or two. If a vehicle sits too long rust and corrosion can cause much more serious problems than just a dead battery.

Another reason why I like vehicles with dead batteries is the great negotiating tool that they provide. If a seller knows that a vehicle has a dead battery, they are much more willing to come down on price.  A battery may only be a purchase of $85 but it can easily bring a seller down to $200 on price. The greater the margin you can negotiate at purchase, the greater your return profit will be in the end.