Look for Lawn Ornaments


Some of the best deals on cars can be found by purchasing a car someone has sitting in their front yard. On your way home from work  or driving around to do errands, keep your eyes open to spot cars with for sale signs in the window. In my experience people that park a car for sale in their yard have not listed that car for sale anywhere else, which means there is less exposure to other buyers, less interested parties, and a better chance they’ll accept your lower-than-retail offer. It’s not that the seller isn’t motivated to sell the car. I’ve found that often those sellers are older and don’t want to deal with listing it in the newspaper, and they sometimes don’t even own a computer much less know how to list the car on Craigslist. They simply want to sell the car to someone that knocks on their door and makes an offer. You can be that person. Bring cash and offer to buy the car the same day that you find it and you’ll likely snag a deal. Most of the time they’re willing to give you a great price just to get the car off their lawn. It’s a win win for both parties.

Bonus tip: Purchasing cars from elderly people can often be a great way to get a reliable vehicle. Elderly car owners usually keep mileage low, maintain the oil regularly, and take very gentle care of their vehicles. That’s not true for every elderly car owner of course, but in my experience it’s been a good thing to watch out for in a seller.