When a Car Won’t Sell…


Are you running into a problem getting rid of a vehicle?  Maybe there isn’t anything really wrong with it but for some reason it just won’t sell? Well, once you have ruled out the possibility that you have it priced too high you may want to consider getting creative on the marketing. Here are a few things you may want to consider:

  • If it’s a sporty car that would attract a college student, go to your local university and post a few fliers on the bulletin boards.
  • If  it’s a more luxurious vehicle that would appeal to retirees visit a few of your local retirement communities and handout some fliers.
  • Start letting everyone know about the vehicle and offer to pay someone $100-$200 if they find a buyer for you.
  • Consider trading the vehicle for another vehicle or item of higher value. Up-trading can sometimes be the most profitable way to unload a vehicle

Be persistent, if it’s a good vehicle at a good price someone will take it off of your hands. And if not, you can always add it to your personal collection (just kidding).