Stick With the Standard


I’ve been asked why I recommend sticking with common, everyday four door sedans when you’re flipping cars for profit so in this tip, I’ll explain why.

Sedans simply appeal to the largest number of consumers. Small families, college students, and just about everyone else is attracted to four door sedans, which means you will have a much better chance of selling your vehicle.

I once purchased a Chevrolet Camaro at a great price. The vehicle was in excellent condition and priced well under Kelly Blue Book® value. I was sure I could make a quick profit on it.

Unfortunately, I had a very difficult time selling it due to the fact that teenagers seemed to be the only interested parties. Teenagers generally don’t have the cash to purchase a vehicle, and if their parents are willing to purchase a car for them, they often pick something safe over something sporty.

I was eventually able to sell it to a 16 year old (or rather his Dad), but it took me three times longer to find a buyer for that car than my typical car flip.

Ultimately if you find more success selling different types of cars follow what the market is telling you. No one will give you better feedback than your own buyers.