Sold Cars that Aren’t Really Sold


When you make calls, don’t be deterred by the number of other interested parties that the seller might mention.

Just because a seller tells you that a vehicle is sold doesn’t necessarily mean that it is sold.

Ask the seller if the other buyer has already picked the car up, or given any money to the seller. If the answer is no, you may be able to offer the seller $100-$200 more and grab the deal.

There is a popular saying in sales: buyers are liars.

It simply means that many people change their mind and just because a buyer says they’ll purchase a vehicle doesn’t mean they actually will.

I’ve experienced this as a seller and there is nothing more frustrating to a seller than a buyer that backs out at the last minute.

Mention to the seller that you have cash in hand, you’re not going to waste any of their time, and you are ready to buy TODAY. The seller will often take your deal over the other buyer’s.