Be a Buyer’s Agent

Interested in an additional way to make money with cars that doesn’t require any money invested? You may want to consider being a buyer’s agent. There are tons of people out there that HATE the idea of searching for a car or just simply don’t have the time (like a busy CEO). They don’t like the idea of shopping, comparing prices, dealing with dealerships or private sellers,┬ámaking and answering phone calls, etc. And they may be willing to pay you to do that for them. And since you are already out there shopping for deals on cars, it’s very easy to find great cars for other people at the same time you search for deals to flip.

Whether you charge a fee per car or charge a percentage of the sale price, becoming a buyer’s agent can be a great way to supplement your car flipping income until your next deal pops up. If you’re interested in testing the waters on this idea I’d recommend putting a free ad out on Craigslist or printing some business cards that advertise your Car Buyer’s Agent Services. You might be surprised to find┬ápeople that are willing to pay you to do what you’re already doing.